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We are by no means investment advisors (although we do have a ‘guy & gal’) as technology, business growth and administrative management automation are our area of expertise. However, we absolutely do engage in the development of long-term profit strategies for business deal structures that include Real Estate. We also leverage founder Jones’ computer science background and digital trend knowledge to our advantage in management. Does your deal require real estate & management advising?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mr. Jones has developed strategic relationships over his career in business and has compiled an SME (Subject Matter Expert) database that is unparalleled. With over a decade experience in advising corporate clients, Mr. Jones has developed a knack for finding and adding value to deals. With the statistics showing little gain in many M&A structures, Mr. Jones finds it hard to believe that we can’t find hidden upside in any deal.

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Jones has built his enterprise framework and mantra through his failures and successes in business. Many people fear taking risk, Mr. Jones has not. Although a level of risk is necessary in business, and educated level of risk makes more sense. Use analytics tools to collaborate smarter, and in turn have more successful investments and ventures.

"I can always count on Brandon’s work, and our strategic partnerships have literally changed an entire sport.
"T. Azeredo
| Siam Fight Productions LLC

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"...Of significance, was the staff taking the time to learn about my business to ensure intricate details were conveyed in branding, vision, mission, products and services..." - P. Way

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